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    In 2001, China Commercial Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. (CCFT) was registered at the State Administration for Industry & Commerce of China. In 2005, it initiated a stock ownership plan to offer shares to strategic investors and employees and became a mixed ownership enterprises. After twelve years of reform and exploration, it realized the transition from a single trading company to a diversified company which runs international trade, independent brand, real economy and capital operation. In 2017, the CCFT forms three business units: new trade, new entities and new finance. These three units includes products like grain, oil, sugar, tobacco, wine, food, manufacturing, commercial real estate, professional market management, capital securities bill and many other investment fields.


    The wholly-owned and holding companies of China Commercial Foreign Trade Corporation include: China Commerce Sugar Industy Co.,Ltd.(own brand “Sweety”), Zhong Shang Commerce Tobacco Co.,Ltd.(own brand “Royal cat”), China National Commercial New Tone Trading Co., Ltd., China Commercial And Real Estate Co., Ltd., CCFT Sweetener Biotech Co., Ltd., CCT Lighting Company, Inc. U.S.A (registered in the U.S.), Yumao Industrial Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong) (registered in Hong Kong), China Commercial Foreign Trade (Hungary) Co., Ltd., China Commercial Foreign Trade (Singapore) Co., Ltd., China Commercial Foreign Trade (Si Chuan) Co., Ltd., and Junzhi Capital Mananement Co.,Ltd.


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