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    CCFT Group

    Approved by the State Council, China Commercial Foreign Trade Corporation was registered at the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on February, 1988. Originally directly subordinated to the Ministry of Commerce, China Commercial Foreign Trade Corporation is currently under the direct leadership of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). Ever since 1992, China Commercial Foreign Trade Corporation has been assessed as one of the top 500 enterprises with the largest total volume of import and export by the Ministry of Commerce (originally known as the Administration of Foreign Trade).


    Since its founding in 1988, China Commercial Foreign Trade Corporation has constantly carried out structural adjustment and actively implemented the strategies of industrialization, internationalization and diversification. Currently it has turned into a large-size group with a high level of the integration of trade and industries, dealing widely in the fields of general commodities, agricultural products, textile, electronic equipments, and the production and processing of edible oil, etc.


    China Commercial Foreign Trade Corporation is mainly engaged in the self-operated and proxy import and export of commodities including: grain and oil, feed, food, coffee, cocoa, flavor spice and essential oils, local raw materials for industrial use, mountain products, animal husbandry products, timber, seeds and stock breeding, textile, silk fabric, clothing, light industrial products, ceramics, crafts, ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, non-metallic mineral products, chemicals, transport machine, electronic equipments, communications equipments, hardware and electronic material, machinery and equipments, farming tools, instruments and meters, and building materials. In addition, China Commercial Foreign Trade Corporation is also involved in the processing of import materials as well as the processing of raw materials on clients’ demands, assembling parts for the clients and processing according to the clients’ samples and compensation trade. Moreover, the scope of our business also covers counter trade, transit trade, equipment leasinge, financial and information technology consulting and technology service. Furthermore, our corporation has also been entitled with the authority over the operation of commodities including sugar, steel products, plywood, wool, acrylic fibers, natural rubber and automobiles, etc.


    In the 21st century, China Commercial Foreign Trade Corporation aims for diversified development, and we are actively promoting the collective operation, intensive development and lean management of the corporation. We hope to develop into a competitive large-size modern international enterprise with a strong economic foundation, good economic returns, and well-deserved reputation.

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