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    Yumao Industrial

    HongKong Yumao Industrial Co., Ltd. was registered in September, 2006 in Hong Kong, and it has obtained all the relevant business licenses required by the Hong Kong government. The corporation is mainly engaged in the designing, manufacturing and marketing of “Yumao” cigarettes, relevant crafts and clothing, for the purpose of supporting the propaganda and promotion of “Yumao” cigarettes. All these have demonstrated the emphasis of our corporation on the feeling of our customers as well as our desire to promote and raise the popularity of “Yumao” cigarettes.

    Address: No. 8 office building, Molin Commercial Mansion, Molin Street No. 16-18, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
    Telephone: 00852-23593003/3199
    Fax: 00852-23599244

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