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    Briefing: Our Company Attended The Training Session On Optimizing Business Environment Policy


    To implement the state council to further optimize the environment of business decision deployment, to advance the reform policy, to help enterprises understand the relevant policies for optimizing customs clearance procedures, cross-border trade facilitation, foreign-related enterprises to collect and pay foreign exchange tax services , xicheng district business bureau joint Beijing business bureau, tax bureau directly under the branch of Beijing, market supervision, xicheng district, xicheng district finance bureau in xicheng district was held on April 25, 2019 organizations to optimize business environment policy training. Our company was invited to attend the meeting.
    The meeting explained to the participants about the policy of optimizing the taxation business environment, the introduction of the export tax rebate policy for deepening the VAT reform, the reduction of the VAT rate, the real estate deduction policy, the additional deduction, the tax refund policy and the return form. Interpretation of the adjustment situation, training in seven aspects including the introduction of Beijing-Tianjin cross-border trade and business environment facilitation policy. The relevant leaders at the training meeting gave one-on-one answers to the questions about the specific implementation of the new policies on market supervision and tax facilitation, and the atmosphere was warm.
    As the core functional area of the capital, xicheng district has become an important support for the high-quality economic development of the capital due to its special geographical location and obvious regional advantages. In the next step, our company will make full use of the policy dividend, give play to its own advantages, actively participate in the development of xicheng district, and make its due contribution to the economic development of xicheng district.

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