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    Briefing: Congratulations on our successful bid for the Tianjin Sugar Factory Project


    On May 24,our company's joint venture -- jingjin sugar co., ltd. successfully bid for the sugar factory project in Wuqing District, Tianjin with 52.51 million yuan through public auction bidding.
    The project is located in Tianjin Wuqing Automobile Industrial Park,covering an area of 120 mu. After completion, it can process 450,000 tons of white sugar annually, with an annual output value of more than 2 billion yuan. The location advantage of the project is obvious, and it is close to a number of highways, which is convenient for exporting products. At the same time, it is located in a port city and the transportation cost of raw materials is low.                                                                                                
    Another highlight of the project is that it is designed to use natural gas as the sole sugar processing project in the Beijing-Tianjin region. If implemented, it will be the first green sugar processing plant to use natural gas as a power source in China.


    Writer: Corporate Development Office

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