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    The Group Organized Part Outstanding Employees To Travel To Nha Trang, Vietnam


    From May 30th to June 3rd,in order to recognize outstanding employees' contribution to the Group and thank everyone for their hard work and dedication, the Group organized part outstanding employees of 2018 to go to Nha Trang for five days, Vietnam, which is known as the“Oriental Maldives”. Let everyone feel the coastal scenery and enjoy the seaside style of the blue sky and white clouds.
    Nha Trang is located at the easternmost point of the southern coastline of Vietnam. It is an ideal destination for seaside tourism, with endless beaches, corals on the sea floor, colorful fishes.It has a crescent-shaped beach, Little Angkor Wat - Champo Tower, romantic Valentine's Island, Gothic church, drip coffee, mud bath, sea amusement park - Pearl Island...... Our figures combined with the local scenery to create beautiful pictures.
    During the tour, our atmosphere was active and our hearts were fully rested and relaxed. The whole trip was fun and everyone was immersed in the happy world .Through this activity, everyone enjoyed the beauty of nature, relaxed the mind and body, cultivated sentiment, enhanced cohesion and solidarity. All these have injected unlimited power and vitality to the follow-up work.In the future, we will continue to work hard in the workplace, and everyone will strive to be an excellent employee; we will continue to work diligently and fulfill our duties, and make unremitting efforts to realize the goal of the Group's "100-Year CCFT, 100-Nation CCFT,100-Top CCFT"!


    Writer:The President's Office

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